Our Team

Dan Rivers


Dan Rivers, husband and dad first and foremost, has been working in the real estate industry for nearly two decades. While his career began in large scale property management in the greater Boston area, overseeing more than 5,000 residential units as well as $15 million+ in projects, his passion for the industry quickly grew to span sales, investing and more. 

In 2020 he founded Rivers Capital Group, a comprehensive real estate service company that specializes in 5 key areas: Sales, Renovations, STR Management, Private Money Lending, Business Buying and Rentals. With a goal to service every facet of an investor’s needs, Rivers Capital Group has and will continue to expand its footprint into additional areas of Real Estate. 

Dan’s knowledge, passion and hard work has resulted in more than $53 million worth of real estate transactions in just 4 years and recognition in the top 1% of realtors in the tri-county area. What he prides himself most in, though, are the strong relationships he’s built with clients and partners. 

An investor himself, Dan owns over $3 million in real estate assets and is also a participant in various syndications, both active and passively. His values are hard work, integrity and outstanding client service into everything he does.  

Dan’s passion to continue to grow as a person and help others has led him to create a community and podcast called The Compound Mindset. He believes that after years of reading, listening to books and podcasts and talking with millionaires, the two things that all successful people have in common are an abundance/growth mindset and the knowledge and ability to compound money into wealth. Dan’s community takes both of these concepts to the next level showing people how to multiply all areas of their life. 

When Dan isn’t making homeownership dreams come true for his clients, he enjoys traveling, spending time with his family and exploring nature. Supporting local and national causes is also very important to him. He serves on the board of IMPACT, a Charleston-based nonprofit that helps develop youth through education and exposure, and frequently volunteers and donates to organizations like St. Judes and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Jacob Adamczak

Director of Operations

Jacob became interested in real estate in 2018 when he saw the power of passive income influence the lives of his friend’s parents. In 2019, Jake and Dan met and eventually started working together. Jake is an investor minded COO of RCG, where he runs operations, advises on marketing strategy and  ensures implementation and oversight. Jake’s vision for a financially-free life is one of the many factors that drives his passion for real estate investing.


  • Owns and manages a short term rental via a personal house hack and holds a growing portfolio of rentals.
  • Refined and growing project management skills while managing numerous flips at one time.
  • Researched, developed, and refined successful marketing tactics highly targeted to off market land and home deals.
  • Experience as a Solar Array Design Engineer for Tesla and NextEra.
Nicole at RCG

Nicole Beczynski

Executive Assistant

Nicole has over 20 years in real estate lending, legal and auditing. She was a mortgage loan processor and underwriter when she first began her career in real estate. After that she ventured to become a paralegal for several years. Following, she was a Quality Control and Appraisal Team Lead where she audited files for a well-loved credit union in the area. She has now found her passion here with us. Her level of experience behind the scenes in real estate has brought great things to our team. She is a child of a Navy Master Chief, so she has been here in Charleston a greater part of her life, which adds to her knowledge of the area and helps see the change and potential of what has happened in the rapidly growing Tri-County.

John S headshot, RCG Team

John Schumacher

Investment Analyst

John moved to the Lowcountry in 2015 to attend the College of Charleston. Since graduating, he has participated in several small business ventures, each one honing his skills in financial analysis, client relations, and systems development. John caught the real estate bug in 2021 when he and his wife purchased a house hack, bringing in $5,000 of monthly revenue in its first year. Along with growing Rivers Capital Group, John is establishing his personal rental portfolio to have more flexibility as a husband and father, as well as give back to his community.